Trust Square Lecture Series - Tokens from a Corporate Finance & Legal Perspective

Trust Square is proud to launch together with our academic partners the Trust Square Lecture Series and connect practitioners with cutting edge research in the fields of decentralization, cryptoeconomics, mechanism design, IoT and many more.

Each month we invite a research to present his/her findings at Trust Square during an in-depth presentation.

We are proud to present in July Prof. Dr. Harald Bärtschi, Dr. Beat Affolter, Fabian Danko, Stephan D. Meyer.

Language: English


Tokens from a Corporate Finance and Legal Perspective

From cryptocurrencies to securities, gold bars and even mangrove trees - technically, tokens may represent and transfer various forms of assets. The classification into payment, asset and utility tokens as proposed by the Swiss Financial Market Authority offers an initial guidance, worth a closer examination. Dr. Beat Affolter and Fabian Danko will illustrate that despite the new technology applied, individual tokens can be classified and understood as financing instruments in the traditional corporate finance sense, comprising external and internal financing as well as debt, equity and mezzanine financing. However, the legal qualification of tokens remains unclear. How can rights be attached to tokens and which legal obstacles need to be overcome? Prof. Dr. Harald Bärtschi and Stephan D. Meyer will provide an overview of today’s legal situation and pending legislative amendments in Switzerland and abroad.



  • 18:00 Doors open
  • 18:30 Presentation
  • 19:30 Apéro

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