Centrifuge Tinlake - Tokenized Assets in DeFi

MAMA continues with its DeFi focused meetups in Zurich. This time we welcome Lucas Vogelsang from Centrifuge.

Centrifuge recently launched Tinlake, a platform built on decentralized financial infrastructure that enables anyone to draw loans against tokenized real-world assets. Funding for these loans is coming for example from MakerDAO and Compound. In the talk, Lucas will go into how assets that rely on a contracts and exist in the physical world to be used as collateral. Specifically they’ll talk about the transaction that New Silver, a hard money lending company financed using Tinlake. The Maker Foundation provided a loan of DAI 75’000 simulating a CDP in MCD. This proof of concept and several others are the first steps to bring real world assets to multi collateral Dai.

Lucas is co-founder and head of engineering at Centrifuge, Berlin. Centrifuge is a decentralized protocol for the financial supply chain, allowing for the off-chain exchange of documents and the tokenization of assets, which in turn gives access to the decentralized finance ecosystem on Ethereum. Website: https://tinlake.com


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